The construction software for carpenters, joiners and cabinet makers

Build custom furniture simply using drag and drop or even with a touch screen device.  

Optimize your furniture building workflow  -  smart - simple and fast!


Our innovative software will make your tasks much easier - it is easy to use and quick to learn. You no longer need any experience with CAD software to build your own custom cabinets! You’ll be surprised how much time it saves in your CNC preparations

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Schreiner Software SmartWOP

Your software for carpenters and cabinet makers - some highlights:


Intuitive user interface and handling - designed to make your workflow smarter. Use the intelligent features in SmartWOP - the software for craftsmen.


SmartWOP is easy to use and learn. Thanks to drag and drop or touchscreen handling you won’t need any special training anymore.


Optimize your workflow with our clever software. From planning your custom cabinet to having the finished CNC program in just a few minutes!


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Working with SmartWOP is full of advantages!

Optimize your workflow with innovative software, these are some of SmartWOP’s features:



Design Furniture Quickly

Thanks to our drag and drop construction, SmartWOP is easy to use and quick to learn. It will increase your productivity and shorten your preparation time significantly! Construct your project faster with SmartWOP!


As Versatile As You

For almost all day-to-day tasks: SmartWOP is perfect for designing cabinets and closets or even whole kitchens on the fly.

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More Creative Freedom

Construct your cabinetry or kitchens without having to stick to a certain style or building technique - using SmartWOP as your custom cabinetry generator!


Avoid Mistakes

SmartWOP will help you prevent costly mistakes. You create complete pieces of furniture in just one cycle and every part will automatically fit where you want it to.


Fittings Library

Our preinstalled library of fittings includes a large amount of fittings made by Häfele, Blum and Hettich. You can add your own fittings in a quick and simple way.


High Performance - Low Cost

Not only is SmartWOP clever, simple and fast - it’s also an inexpensive choice!


Realistic 3D-Presentations

Plan and design furniture of any sizes in your office or together with your clients in real time and present your projects in 3D.


Work efficiently

Use your machinery with more efficiency thanks to good planning and fitting software. Ideal for profitable construction of single pieces as well as small series of furniture.

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SmartWOP is the ideal toolbox for designing unique pieces of furniture or small series in a very profitable way. Simplify your workflow and optimize your company!


The innovative and easy to use software does not require knowledge in CAD software and will make your day to day work quicker and easier. 

These videos will show you why SmartWOP is exactly the right tool for you!


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We are expert developers of professional software for your workshop. Using our CNC software to optimize workflow and speed. SmartWOP - the solution for carpenters and cabinet makers.