SmartWOP Functionality Highlights

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Working with SmartWOP is very comfortable and easy. Just use drag and drop to build your piece of furniture. All you need is the measurements and the days of complex drawings are gone.

Use your mouse to drag your elements into the volume. Everything will automatically connect. You can choose to use premade elements or simply create new ones. You can even transform whole cabinets into components to use in other designs!

Try it out. You will be surprised how quickly you are able to build more and more complex designs.



Assistants in SmartWOP are great helpers. They will do all repetitive functions you teach them to do and reduce your workload while doing so.

If you teach them about your element names, machinings, connectors or edge configurations, the SmartWOP assistant will automatically apply this to your current profile in real time.

This will free up some time and make your life much easier!



Save your custom plinth, drawer system or cabinet element as a component and reuse it whenever you want!

To use it in your current project simply drag your component into your volume and it will automatically adjust sizes to fit.

This way you can construct a whole kitchen in just a few moments.



SmartWOP will help you prevent errors even before starting to produce and saving nerves and money in the process.

Collision control allows to quickly check your machinings and connectors for unwanted collisions.

Check the material removal tool to see an updated view of your panel after running it through the CNC center.



SmartWOP allows you to export your construction as a 3D model giving you the opportunity to import it into your 3D modelling software of choice to create presentations for example.

You can export using the following formats: SketchUP (*.skp), Drawing Interchange Format (*.dxf), Virtual Reality Modelling Language (*.wrl) and 3ds Max (*.3ds)



For a better overview and to simplify your work day use SmartWOP’s built in material list feature. Print customizable lists displaying all important informations.

On top of that you can also create and export your own spreadsheets in CSV format or OSD- parts lists.



SmartWOP will help you generate helpful prints.

You can choose the realistic rendering, the exploded display or detailed projections including measurements of your constructed piece of furniture and simply print it with SmartWOP.

Since SmartWOP assigns a number to every part you drag into a volume, you will have no trouble allocating the parts you are looking for.


Three View

SmartWOP is capable of creating a three view of your construct for you in just a few clicks.

Enabling you to simply print the construction data for the production.

The three view drawing will make assembly of your cabinets at the clients place a lot easier.


Machine Interfaces

Simply drag and drop your planned furniture into shape, SmartWOP will do the programming for you!

Export SFP-programs with all machinings, drillings, grooves etc. directly from the SmartWOP UI to your CNC machining center.

Supported SFP- Environments

  • TpaCAD: Felder
  • WoodWOP: Homag/Weeke
  • Xilog: SCM / Morbidelli
  • NC-Hops: Holz-Her/ Biesse